Covid Update July 2021

Rules on social distancing and mask wearing have now changed in England, it will be important for WorkSafe instructors to reassure learners by providing information on safe training spaces. WorkSafe have updated their ‘Guide to Training during Covid’  in line with the current recommendations from the HSE and UK Resuscitation Council.
Our guide will help you to update your risk assessments on continuing Covid control measures in the workplace.Please note the UK Resuscitation Council continue to recommend the measures already in place for teaching and assessing first aid. WorkSafe have updated their ‘Guide to Training’ (see attached document) which includes details of these measures.Ongoing key Control features recommended by the HSE:

  • Adequate ventilation
  • Sufficient cleaning
  • Good hand hygiene


Covid changes


Although face masks are no longer mandatory, the HSE are recommending continued use for close contact activities, for example learners completing the recovery position.

Please download the WorkSafe Guide from the instructor portal , for further information you can also visit the HSE & UK Resuscitation Council websites: