New Choking Resuscitation Aid – The LifeVac Unit


Now available in the UK- the new Life Vac unit has been developed for resuscitating someone who has become unconscious due to choking.  The unit has both child and adult masks that connect to the unit and are placed over the mouth of the casualty to create suction. The unit should only be used when the standard procedure for treating a choking casualty has been followed without success.

The Lifevac has been designed to revive a choking casualty when all standard protocol has failed. It is simple to use and although not guaranteed to resuscitate a casualty the unit has had considerable success.

A video to demostrate the effectiveness of the unit can be viewed here

Worksafe instructor Mark Griffiths has gained a UK supplier agreement to distribute these units which retail at £72 (inc VAT). For further details please contact Mark at MKG Safety Solutions: