New WorkSafe Instructor Presentations and Manuals Now Available

Worksafe FAW Ver3-0 Day 1

Following the launch of the UK Resuscitation Guidelines 2015 and the European Resuscitation First Aid Guidelines 2015 WorkSafe have been busy revising all PowerPoint presentations and student manuals to reflect the changes and recommendations.  We communicated all of these in our last newsletter.

Presentations have been revised and incorporate a new look design.  Integrated video’s have been omitted to assist with downloading and resolve any compatibility issues but all are still available in the media folder and can be used if required.  The new presentations are titled Version 3.0 to assist with identifying the version you need.

Presentations can be downloaded from the downloads area at  Version 3 presentations can be found in the folder called Guidelines 2015 Presentations.  Outdoor First Aid and Professional Driver First Aid Presentations will be available shortly in the new format.

Instructor lesson plans have also been updated to reflect the new guidelines and revised with a simpler and clearer layout.

New version books are now shipping.  If you have any existing stocks of books you should continue to use the older presentations until your stocks are depleted.