Laerdal QCPR Annie set to bring latest technology to Worksafe’s instructor training

Team on QCPR

The QCPR Resusci Anne from Laerdal will enable Worksafe to utilise the latest technology in providing feedback on the quality of CPR. As a trainer of First Aid Instructors, standards of delivery are particularly important. The new manikin connects to handheld reporting devices which are able to record and comment on both the compressions and ventilations.

The small handheld Skill Reporter device allows the learner to see immediate feedback on their CPR techniques. The screen indicates Compression depth and Compression Rate, with a visual dial that turns green when the correct sequence is reached. This is a handy reference tool to view while completing CPR.


For a more detailed analysis of performance the Simpad can monitor performance for both single rescuer and two person rescuer CPR.  Real time CPR feedback is displayed and recorded for both compressions and breaths.  Compression depth and rate is recorded alongside any gaps in the full sequence. Ventilation volume and rate is recorded.

At the end of a sequence the initial results screen display an overall performance percentage with comments on how this can be improved. Swiping the screen then provides a breakdown of each of the areas in graphical form. Data on compressions can be examined in detail to see where improvement can be made if required. Data on ventilation also indicates if there are any problem areas.

Recordings of sequences show line graphs of performance which indicate learner performance over a period of time. Colour changes highlight any problem areas.

This data can be saved against a learner name and transferred to a computer for a printout of the performance.

simpadNew QCPR Annie at worksafe

Other training events can be added to the Simpad- Open airway or check for breathing. The trainer can then mark these as achieved in a practical session.

For advance training courses there is also the option for checking the pulse. The manikin is fitted with a device that creates a pulse in the neck so that learners can practice taking readings.

If any of our instructors would like to drop in and try their skills on the new manikin please get in touch as we would love to hear what you think of the new resources.