Resuscitation Guidelines 2015


Are you up to date with the latest Resuscitation Guidelines?  October 2015 saw the latest update to the UK Resuscitation Guidelines and despite speculation that rescue breaths would be removed from CPR delivery, they have remained and should be taught on all first aid courses. Our simplified guide takes you through the changes that have been made and details key points that can be emphasised in your training.

To see the WorkSafe summary of Guidelines 2015 go to the Policies section of the Worksafe Instructor zone or click on this link


Look out for our student reference manual and PowerPoint presentation updates in the new year. Updated presentations will be available from January with updated books working their way into stock at a similar time.  The UK Resuscitation Council provide a 6 month transition period over to the new guidelines to allow update of materials but the changes are so minor instructors can begin delivery to the new guidelines immediately by emphasising the key points during training.  We will send a further update when updated presentations are available for download.

For more in-depth information visit the UK Resuscitation Council website at and view the full documents.  A great explanation for each guideline can be found by viewing the YouTube video link where a member of the council explains the reasons for change, or no change.