Socially Distanced First Aid Training

Following further detailed guidance issued on the 4th June by the UK Resuscitation Council and the First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP), WorkSafe have published a guide to assist instructors in risk assessing their training venues and course delivery procedures.

Your guide is available to download now from the WorkSafe instructor portal- click on the ‘HSE Guidance Documents’.



The aim of the guide is to assist trainers when risk assessing their training venue and to explain acceptable adaptations that can be made when assessing first aid skills.

Your guide will help you consider:

Your Training Room

  • 2 metre distancing requirements for seating arrangements
  • hand sanitising facilities.

Course Induction

  • Guidance on managing candidates shielding or showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Advice on preparation of first aid equipment

Best Practice for Assessing First Aid Skill

  • Advice on managing assessments whilst reducing contact
  • Current guidelines on teaching breaths and performing first aid in a non-hospital setting

Personal Protective Equipment

  • What needs to be available for student use
  • Additional considerations for formal assessments that involve closer contact

The guide is based on current best practice issued by the HSE, UK Resuscitation Council and First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP).

Links to the guidance are as follows:


The HSE has updated it’s guidance for employers and first aiders in the workplace. Use the link below to read the full statement:,0,0,0,0


The statement from the UK Resuscitation Council on COVID-19 in Relation to CPR and Resuscitation for those ‘Teaching’ Resuscitation Techniques’ can be accessed here:



Although rescue breaths are still to be taught during formal first aid training using appropriate PPE, the guidance for first aiders delivering CPR in the community is chest compressions only. Read the current guidelines here: