Which First Aid Kit do I need for the Workplace?

Has your workplace got an easily accessible first aid kit and have you checked it recently? It is important  to replace any used items and to check the expiry dates.

The size of the first aid kit required is calculated by a combination of the level of risk and the number of employees in the workplace:

Risk Level/ Number of Employees Size of British Standard First Aid Kit
Low risk / less than 25 SMALL
Low risk / 25-100 MEDIUM
Low risk / 100 + LARGE
High risk / less than 5 SMALL
High risk / 5-25 MEDIUM
High risk / 25 + LARGE


Example Contents of a small British Standard Compliant First Aid Kits for the Workplace are as follows:

1 Burn Relief Dressing

40 Washproof Assorted Dressings

4 HSE Sterile Medium Dressings (12 x 12cm)

1 HSE Sterile Large Dressings (18 x 18cm)

2 Eye Pad Dressings with Bandage

1 Conforming Bandage (7.5cm)

2 Triangular Bandages

1 Foil Blanket

1 Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation Device with Valve

2 Finger Dressings with Adhesive Fixing (3.5cm)

1 Microporous Tape (2.5cm)

1 Universal Shears (Small)

20 Antiseptic Wipes

6 Pairs of Gloves (Nitrile)

6 Assorted Safety Pins

1 First Aid Guidance Leaflet


Examples of British Standard Kits, sizes and contents can be viewed on our online shop: First Aid Kits