What is meant by Additional Learning Needs?

The Equality Act 2010 requires an awarding body to make reasonable adjustments where a person would be at a substantial disadvantage in undertaking an assessment. How reasonable the adjustment is will depend on the needs of the candidate whilst still maintaining the security or integrity of the assessment.

Reasonable adjustments allow candidates with additional educational needs, disabilities or medical conditions to access the course assessment without changing the demands of the assessment.

Examples of such arrangements are:

  • Readers
  • Supervised rest breaks
  • Additional time of up to 25%  
  • Word processor
  • Separate room
  • Modified papers- coloured or enlarged

A reasonable adjustment for a particular person may be unique to that individual and may not be included in the above list. If you have a specific learning difficulty, disability or require support with your learning please let WorkSafe know so that we can ensure we are able to meet your needs.