ChristmasSafe with WorkSafe!

The festivities are upon us and although this is a magical time that we enjoy with friends and family, it can be extremely busy with extra tasks on top of our everyday ones.

Decorating our homes, visiting friends and relatives, last minute shopping and wrapping can impact on our usual safety measures.

Here are some things to consider throughout the coming week:

  • Be aware of any batteries that may be lying around, they may be for new toys, or from Christmas decorations. Make sure they are kept in a safe place away from children and pets and used ones disposed of appropriately. They can potentially cause a choking and poisoning hazard.
  • Christmas morning is the prime time of year for clutter throughout the house! Make sure you have walkways and tidy stairs to keep the risk of falls to a minimum, especially if you have elderly relatives visiting. Cables from lights or decorations may also cause a trip hazard.
  • Don’t light candles too closely to any cards or decorations. Blow them out if you leave the room and always make sure they are inside holders.
  • Don’t put yourself under too much pressure when making the Christmas dinner, allow yourself plenty of time to help avoid an accident. Take extra care with hot trays, gravy etc to avoid burns and scalds and make sure you have clear walkways in the kitchen as mentioned previously.
  • As always, take care when consuming alcohol, as this can increase the likelihood of an accident.

Be prepared and download the free WorkSafe App!

In the event that you do have an accident and need first aid advice, we can provide help at your fingertips in seconds! You will find detailed guidance for managing emergency situations with videos, photographs and step by step descriptions of what to do.

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Merry Christmas!