First Aid focus on Asthma!

What is asthma?

It is a lung condition which can result in difficulty breathing. Sufferers of the condition can be triggered by stress, dust, pollen, infections, smoke or exercise. Cold air can worsen an asthma attack too.

Do you know how to recognise an asthma attack?

During an attack the casualty will be struggling to breathe and speak. This is due to the neck and chest muscles working so hard to breathe. There may be a wheezy sound coming from the chest or they could be coughing. Their skin could be pale, clammy or grey or may have blue lips.


  1. Sit the casualty up.
  2. Help them to use their reliever inhaler, which is usually blue. A spacer device can be used if available.
  3. Try to calm the casualty.
  4. Call 999/112 if there is no inhaler or no improvement.

For more information visit: Asthma + Lung UK (