First Aid for Primary School Children- launch of new book

Malcom Sweetlove

Worksafe instructor Malcolm Sweetlove is excited to announce the  launch of his first book ‘Greenbank Primary School: First Aid Brought to Life’

Malcolm is hoping his book brings life saving first aid skills to primary school children; ‘what can you, as a 10-12 year old person, do to give first aid in a medical emergency?’  Given that success rates in the UK for survival outside of hospital for cardiac arrest are below 10% there is a need for knowledge especially at a young age.

Malcolm’s mission is to make learning fun, Malcolm says ‘all too often people have a view of first aid as being ‘boring’, ‘stuffy’ and not particularly engaging.  As an instructor I have thousands of feedbacks saying that my training is interesting and involves real life scenarios.  This is reflected in this book.  It is engaging to the intended audience and beyond.  This is, of course, enhanced by the superb artwork from Maggie Kneen who I am so lucky to know.’

Before becoming a first aid instructor Malcolm held senior leadership roles in schools for over 33 years. Malcolm says ‘I also intended the book to be a resource to teachers.  To use it as, not only as a factual study of life saving skills, but also as a source of literature and cross curriculum themes.  

I really do hope that this book does make a contribution to children’s knowledge and interest in life saving.  As adults, to not have the same level of fear and to be armed with skills to tackle life threatening events to a successful conclusion surely is something to aim for.’

Malcolm has been a Worksafe instructor for 10 years, running a successful business in the North West, he is also a  life support trainer in the NHS and helps to deliver the clinical skills programme at University of Manchester Medical School.

To find out more about the book and how to pre-order your copy visit Malcolm’s website