First Aid – Taught with Digital Resources

As the world of teaching evolves, teachers may not realise the potential to engage learners with digital resources. Incorporating technology into your teaching practise ensures a dynamic and up to date training session. The WorkSafe App and Student Zone offer a wealth of information for students to explore both during and after their course. Let’s explore the benefits and how to include them in teaching first aid…


Student Involvement

Create break out groups and task your students to find out more about an assigned subject. Using the WorkSafe Student Zone they can access information on signs, symptoms and treatment of a casualty. One group could create a presentation about choking, another group could present on CPR and another on a major bleed. Not only would the students have take ownership of their given subject, they will also experience learning from their peers. This creates a variety of teaching approaches which is more likely to suit the different learning styles in your group of students.

image of tablet with digital training materials

Real time quizzes in the classroom

Maybe you have a quieter group of students or a couple not concentrating, a great solution to this would be an interactive, real-time quiz or poll where all students answer questions online.

Mobile phones provide an opportunity for each learner to contribute to a classroom quiz. Using an online quiz function like Kahoot or Google forms ensures everyone is involved and assists the instructor in marking the answers so that knowledge can be assessed quickly.

Student Zone on the Big Screen

Students can access all of the first aid information on their devices during class. However, you may wish to incorporate aspects of the Student Zone onto your slides so that you maintain attention for specific areas of the course. Digital resources allow the teacher to control how little or how much research can be completed independently, with their peers or teacher led.

There is also the option to share our digital resources with the students ahead of the classroom date so that learners have the app and/or Student Zone readily available on their devices and will have had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the format and some first aid knowledge.

Digital Manikins

As students practise CPR on their manikin, Little Anne QCPR sends feedback digitally through an app to a tablet or similar device. The programme monitors depth and speed of compressions as well as the effectiveness of the breaths. A score will be given to the student after their performance. Graphics on the app have been cleverly designed for students and instructors to quickly assess where they need to improve and adjust their technique to hit the 100% score!

In addition to using the technology as a feedback tool, you can also create friendly competitions at the end of a course. A ‘CPR race’ can be projected onto a big screen, where the most successful performers reach the end of the race soonest! This helps to keep learners engaged and allows students to experience performing CPR in a high-tension situation!

The immediate feedback via electronic devices is a helpful tool for learners as they can adjust the speed and depth of their compressions as they watch their performance feedback. Reviewing their score throughout the duration of the course, with detailed analysis of technique enables the learners to improve the quality of their CPR.

The WorkSafe App

Our free and easy to use app can be used during the course to access first aid videos. It includes step by step guides and pictures for what to do in a first aid emergency and is a great reference point following on from the course for real-life emergency situations. Certificates are also stored there once a login has been created. This provides easy access when needed.

Digital resources offer the flexibility for instructors to deliver courses in a way that suits individual learning preferences in the classroom which offers the best first aid learning experience.