Launch of WorkSafe’s 2021 Sustainability Goals

We’re launching our new sustainability policy! Read about our goals and actions to help us to work alongside the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Along with our instructors and students, WorkSafe aim to provide a long-lasting legacy of sustainable teaching.


Our Sustainability Goals:

  • To reduce waste and conserve resources, whilst promoting recycling and re-use of materials.
  • To phase out single use materials and ensure WorkSafe products are sustainably sourced.
  • To meet relevant, current, and foreseen regulations set out by the UK Government.

We have already made our first Steps towards sustainability by making these changes:

  • Plastic Instructor ID cards replaced with electronic certificates.
  • Student certificates now issued as electronic PDFS. Hard copies are only accessible at a cost.
  • Blended learning courses where students can complete part of their course online, saving travel.
  • Biodegradable student pack wallets
  • Lexmark Cartridge Collection – WorkSafe has joined this award-winning programme supporting the recycling and remanufacture of printing equipment.

Looking ahead our future goals are:

  • Electronic training packs – By 2025 WorkSafe aims to remove all hard copy student training materials. These will be replaced by online formats for course evaluation and assessment, alongside an e-book.
  • Recycling – By the end of 2021, WorkSafe will offer an effective recycling system for all on-site courses, reducing the amount of waste on both course days and in the office.
  • Food waste – By the end of 2021, WorkSafe will provide food waste bins which can be composted.

Join us in working towards our goals.

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