Managing your Micro-teach

Often the micro- teach is the one aspect of the Level 3 Award in Education and Training which causes the most anxiety for the learners. Once planned and prepared our learners usually find it becomes the most fun part!

During this part of the course you can fully immerse yourself and take control of the classroom to teach what you enjoy, sharing your enthusiasm. Micro-teaches that get everybody involved in hands-on activities ensure learners are engaged and enjoying themselves- whilst learning at the same time!

The lantern Micro-teach

Taking advantage of the autumnal time of year, one of our learners arrived in the classroom with plain white lanterns for her classmates (even Caroline, the teacher of the course begged to join in!). A host of different materials such as tinsel, bows, pinecones, spiders, cocktail umbrellas, hearts and cobwebs adorned the classroom, with everyone eager to get stuck in.

Our Level 3 Award in Education & Training ensures that you have a clear understanding of how to deliver your microteach. Starting with how to set ground rules through to clear learning objectives and how to check that learning has taken place.

Once our learner had set the ground rules and explained the task she gave a live demonstration on decorating a lantern on a Halloween theme. Filled with spiders and cobwebs whilst topped with orange ribbon, the plain lantern was transformed to give the impression of Halloween.

Differing craft techniques were demonstrated to provide the class with some expertise then it was over to the classmates!

For the next ten minutes, the learners were engrossed in their task, supported by the trainee teacher who offered individual help where needed. Any nerves felt at the start of the micro- teach soon vanished once the lesson was in full swing. Most people forgot they were on a course and enjoyed their crafty moment!

With 5 minutes of the lesson left, everyone finished decorating and showcased their lanterns.  ‘Guess the theme’ ended the session with a beautiful display of now decorated lanterns, including Valentines, Halloween, Christmas and even a Summer Romance!

Teaching resources

Less is more

During this micro-teach the ‘teacher’ did a minimal amount of talking with “all eyes on her”, preferring instead to get everyone involved and learning by experience. Advising and supporting them ensured learners stayed on task and tried new skills. Visiting everyone for a one-to-one conversation at their desk meant that individuals could be challenged where required or offered more help if needed.

Do what works for you

There are many teaching styles to try, it may be that you enjoy doing a presentation via PowerPoint or maybe you would prefer to focus on generating a classroom discussion or even getting the class to follow a set of instructions you have made. Whichever you go for, make sure it plays to your strengths, doing something that you love and you will deliver a great micro-teach!

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