Micro-teach success!

Have you thought about teaching others in your area of expertise? Sign up for out Level 3 Award in Education and Training to use your experience to train others in your subject specialism.

Whether it is bricklaying, hairdressing or customer service, you can complete our fast track face to face course in 3 days to become a trainer in your chosen area.

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to deliver inclusive and effective learning. It develops your confidence through tutor led learning and the delivery of a micro-teach.

Our micro-teach training will provide you with the skills to:

  • write a lesson plan
  • deliver a teaching session
  • evaluate your delivery.

It’s an opportunity to practice teaching in a supportive environment, with constructive feedback aimed at improving your delivery skills.

What should I teach?

You can deliver a micro-teach on anything, this could be an interest or hobby. We’ve seen a huge selection of ideas during our course such as:

  • Sign language
  • How to wear a sari
  • Domino playing
  • Irish dancing
  • Slab laying
  • How to cook a chapati
  • Meditation
  • Potting plants!

When choosing what to teach it helps to choose something you are passionate about.

Who am I teaching?

Our class sizes are small at just 8 learners. Your teaching session will be delivered to the 7 other learners and our tutor. Support from both your peers and the tutor will ensure that you are delivering inclusive sessions which include all learners.

How am I going to teach?

Think about the equipment you will need and the space required. Our large training room and teaching resources are all available for your use during the course. We are also close to a large outdoor space if you want to take your teaching outside!

Practical sessions are always a good way to involve learners so you may want to bring some props from home. Our team can discuss your ideas to see what will work before you attend the course.

Timeline of micro-teach

Our tutor will cover the elements required for an effective microteach. You will learn about setting boundaries in the classroom, conducting ice-breaker activities, health and safety requirements and ideas for engaging with learners.

Within your subject area you will look at setting learning objectives, assessment opportunities and ways to evaluate your delivery. All of this is tutor led using our templates and handouts to ensure that you succeed.

WorkSafe’s Level 3 Award in Education & Training

If you want to start teaching, choose our fast track course and you could soon be offering your own courses in your specialist area.

We are based in the midlands within easy links to the motorway networks and rail lines. Ample parking is available at our premises with a lunch provided.

To book now click on link below:

Level 3 Award in Education (worksafetraining.co.uk)

Alternatively, please feel free to contact the office where our team will be happy to help:

Contact – WorkSafe Training Systems Ltd