Time for a career change?

With a new year comes a time of self-reflection. This can mean making small changes to our lives to enhance our overall life experience, for some it could mean doing a little more exercise, eating a little healthier or allowing time for self-care.  For others it may also mean considering a career change or new training programmes which could benefit their current job role.

How can WorkSafe help?

We offer training programmes which can facilitate you to become an instructor in your subject specialism. You could start your own business, or work for an organisation where you can offer in-house training to your colleagues.

Courses we Offer:

Level 3 Award in Education and Training – perfect for those who want to start teaching in the workplace or in the wider education and skills sector. Our course is fast track, meaning you can qualify in just 3 days.

First Aid at Work- experience hands on training with your own manikin in our large training space. You can also qualify to deliver this course to your own learners via our First Aid Instructor course.

First Aid Instructor – designed to get you teaching first aid in your workplace or as a freelance trainer.

Fire Safety Instructor – provides instructors with the skills and knowledge to deliver Fire Awareness and Fire Marshal courses.

Manual Handling Instructor – provides trainers with the skills and knowledge to deliver the half day Manual Handling Awareness qualification.

You can find out more information about all of the courses we offer here.

Why choose WorkSafe?

We have a large training facility in Warwickshire and we work with both major corporations and small businesses. Our team has experience in the emergency services and education sectors which ensures our content is up to date and student centred. Our interactive courses are delivered by experienced trainers with practical teaching resources to take away.

Why Wait?

Embark on your journey to teach with WorkSafe today! Simply contact us by clicking here.