What equipment do I need to start teaching first aid?

Prestan Diversity Manikins Pack of 4

Want to start delivering your own first aid training? Here is a helpful guide to the equipment you will need to get started. Our guide covers the essential items as recommended by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and UK Resuscitation Council, and other useful additions to create a lively hands-on learning environment.


WorkSafe recommend 1 manikin per 3 students for CPR practice. This allows plenty of time for your students to have hands on experience. Courses run at a maximum of 12 students, making a manikin 4 pack the most economical way to purchase what you need.

A resuscitation training manikin that gives feedback on depth, compression rate, position and recoil is essential. Students need to feel the depth of their compressions and allow the chest to recoil afterwards. The head of the manikin should allow for the ‘head tilt, chin lift’ technique as it is crucial to make your training session as realistic as possible.

Inflatable manikins are not permitted as they do not meet the requirements above.

Manikin Wipes

Disinfecting the manikin mouthpiece in between students is imperative for the hygiene and safety of your students. As per Resuscitation Council guidelines the wipes should contain 70% ethyl alcohol.

AED Trainer

The HSE state that AED training should be included in all first aid courses. This is to encourage learners to use this life saving equipment if it is available.

With different training scenario programs, AED trainer units can create real-life scenarios for your students and provide experience of how to use this all important, life-saving equipment!


Allow 1 training bandage per student for practising dressing wounds in various places on the body. A triangular bandage should also be available for each student where they can practise support and elevation slings.

Lung Bags & Faceshields

Removable lung bags are required in all manikins, these should be changed after each user to ensure good hygiene standards.

The use of manikin wipes between users will provide sanitation, however issuing each learner with a disposable faceshield will help to give hygiene confidence to learners.

Disposable Gloves

Essential to any first aid incident, make the scenarios a little more authentic and ask your students to use gloves to practise for the real-life situations!

Additional Training Aids

As you continue to build your training business, you may wish to add more resources to improve your learner experiences, we have detailed some of the popular training items below:

EpiPen Trainer

Essential to practise correct positioning and pressure to the site in an anaphylactic emergency.

Tourniquet & Haemostatic dressings

The European Resuscitation Council recommend the use of haemostatic and tourniquets for the control of serious bleeding. Examples of these dressing and devices are useful to share with your students so that they can see how to stem bleeding. Please note that additional training is required in the management of catastrophic bleeding to teach the use of tourniquets.

Choking Vest Trainer

Incredibly popular with instructors and students alike, these devices provide a realistic simulation for a choking incident. The vest allows students to perform back slaps and abdominal thrust safety and recreates the effect of treatment on the windpipe by shooting the obstruction!

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