WorkSafe Instructor Spotlight!

Introducing Dean of BA Bush & Son.

Dean, a mechanic and tyre fitter from Lincolnshire shares his experience of becoming a first aid trainer for his company!

How did you get in to teaching first aid?

I have worked for an independent tyre retail and distribution company for about 20 years, and we have expanded massively over the last 10. In the past we had various external companies do our first aid training and as we have grown as a company so has our workforce. I was asked if I would like to put my name forward for to train to teach first aid and to bring all first aid in house.

I agreed and was successful and here I am!

How does teaching first aid in house help your business?

As the workforce has grown so has the cost of training, having myself deliver first aid training cuts this cost hugely. The logistics of getting our workforce to training has always been an issue, now we do this in house I can train as many as we want at a few different locations.

What do you like about teaching?

I never really thought I would like the teaching as much as I do, in fact I would go as far to say I love it!

I am a tyre fitter/mechanic by trade, so teaching is not what I expected to be doing as a part of my career. I like the fact that at the end of the course I have helped students achieve their qualification, the fact they have passed because of my help is very satisfactory. I feel so comfortable and not out my comfort zone (which I really thought I would).

Do you have any advice to anyone thinking of becoming an in-house trainer?

Yes, do it! Grab the challenge and run with it, if you only feel half as happy as I do then that’s still an amazing feeling!

You get to share a lot of what you know to the students and that alone is fulfilling, since taking the course I have not once looked back and thought it was a wrong decision. I have even considered a whole new career change and going down the tutor/training route altogether;  maybe even training in the automotive industry. I’m not sure on that yet!

Would you recommend WorkSafe to your friends and family?

100% I would, the people at WorkSafe are very helpful and wonderful to work alongside, so they get my recommendation without a hesitation. The classroom and facilities are brilliant, you are made to feel welcome and when you have qualified you are made to feel a part of the team. They are brilliant!